The Clinical Nurse Specialists of Manitoba Interest Group serves as a provincial voice for enhancing and promoting the valuable contributions that clinical nurse specialists make toward the health and well-being of patient populations.

The Purpose:

To ensure sustainability of the clinical nurse specialist role, scope of practice and academic job requirements.

To coordinate and develop strategies to support the practices of clinical nurse specialists in Manitoba.

To provide a forum for clinical nurse specialists to network with each other in a supportive professional environment and discuss practice issues and role development.

To influence nursing practices as it pertains to clinical nurse specialists within individual facilities, health regions, professional organizations and academic settings within Manitoba.

What is a Clinical Nurse Specialist?

A CNS is a registered nurse possessing advanced educational preparation (Master and/or Doctoral degree) and extensive clinical experience. Working under the nursing scope of practice, the CNS provides expert care for patient populations in collaboration with the health care team. The CNS plays a pivotal role in the development of clinical guidelines, promotes the use of evidence and quality improvement, provides expert support and consultation and facilitates system change.

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Membership highlight:
Christine Finnbogason RN, BSc, BN, MN, PNC(C) is the clinical nurse specialist in the Women’s Health Program at Health Sciences Centre. With her CNS colleague Kira Friesen, she supports all areas of the Women’s Hospital that include the: outpatient clinic, labour & delivery unit, mother baby unit and the antepartum/gynecology/gynecology unit. Christine has always had a passion for laboring families and their newborns as that is where her career started many years ago. However, since that time she has discovered enjoyment in being part of a team that works to improve healthcare for women at all stages of life. One of the biggest challenges that Christine has faced in her role as a CNS is the steep learning curve that comes with learning a new clinical area. This is where the literature, front line staff and her amazing co-workers have assisted her in overcoming this challenge. Currently Christine is the clinical lead in the EPR working group planning the implementation of the electronic patient record at Women’s Hospital. Whether it is for a complex medical patient that need additional planning and support or a family looking for a “healing birth Christine enjoys families and the medical team to improve care to our patient population.